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I really had no idea how bad my hearing had gotten. I knew it was bad but it was much worse than I thought it would be. Decided to get the hearing test offered at Hearing Centers. Heather and her entire staff really know what they're doing. Honestly, i went in a little skeptical. I've seen hearing aids over the years and i just had my doubts. Little did i know how far the tech had advanced since my father in law got his. The exam was very thorough. i had an idea of just how degraded my hearing was. And it was also determined that i needed to seen an ear, nose, and throat doctor, due to the type of hearing loss i had. Once I got the hearing aids, my life improved almost overnight. My wife and I started having conversations again. I was able to turn the volume down on the TV. My wife had to ask me to turn it up once or twice. Heather and her entire staff are friendly, upbeat, and they all really know what they're doing. I couldn't recommend Hearing Centers of Nevada more highly!

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Frank Levine, on Google

Small town, yes. But to send 95 year old man’s hearing aid to be repaired with a wait time of two to four weeks? We will shop Costco for better service. Edit 8/8 - Thank you for reaching out to me! And thank you for the loaner. Although it isn’t perfect, it is SO much better than not having anything. Not as much yelling in my small home 😃

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Michele Clement, on Google

I'm so pleased that a friend of mine recommended HCN. I really needed to update my hearing aids and HCN has been perfect. The staff is caring, friendly, efficient, knowledgeable, and more than ready to do whatever it takes to help me. In my mind, they deserve an A+ for everything.

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Sharon Pryor, on Google

Hearing Center of Nevada has done a wonderful job working with me and helping me with my hearing aids and my difficulties in hearing. All of the staff are very kind and knowledgeable, two things I find most important when providing customer service. I always feel welcomed and appreciate the atmosphere within the office. And the restoration of my hearing through hearing aids has given me more confidence, made me feel more calm, and I enjoy the ability to hear others when they speak. Thank you to everyone at Hearing Center of Nevada, you are the best.

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Jacquie Jensen, on Google

This review is for a patient of yours. However, they wanted to leave a review for the outstanding service he has received from this place. Countless times coming in and trying to find the right fit - over a year and some. They were always so pleasant and patient, going above and beyond in helping him figure it out. In the end “ I now have the best hearing aids ever because of them”. Specifically the lady that works in pahrump. He raved about her! So thank you for working with him to find something that finally worked. You guys are the best!!!

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Hawley, on Google

Today I had a follow up visit with Heather Castellano to further discuss my hearing issues, my own opinion is that I could not have chosen a better professional to handle my situation. On my first visit about a week earlier, I met Heather in her office in Henderson. For the first time in ten years using hearing aids, I shared with her my condition and the basic history of all I have been through. She performed a free test, and enlightened me on many details of my condition that no one had brought up before. She truly cares about your hearing issues and goes out of her way to make sure you are satisfied and happy. I certainly am.

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Alvaro Murcia, on Google

Great experience at Hearing Centers of Nevada. I established care for my 8 year old here to see his audiologist Dr Jensen. The staff was great and Dr Jensen was very patient with my son no matter how much he butted in!

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Lisa Arviso, on Google

Dr.Jenson is awesome truly cares about issues you have with hearing loss. Very knowledgeable concerning type of aids I received. Staff if also very helpful and caring. The Hearing center I go to on Horizon Ridge is very clean, and comfortable to be there.

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Mary Silva, on Google

The nicest, most helpful people ever! I was very nervous about getting hearing aids in the beginning, they made the whole process simple and easy. I've had them a year now, best decision ever. Great people I highly recommend them!

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Pam Tanzey, on Google

Right from when I entered I was treated with great service and professionalism. I felt comfortable the whole duration of my visit. Dr answered all my questions with confidence and clarity. Thank you so much

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Rj P, on Google