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Great Place. I lost my hearing in one night. These people helped me to restore my hearing and stopped my tinnitus. Very curtious and patient with me.

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Bill Barney, on Google

This office was absolutely incredible. Front desk was kind, helpful and respectful. The office itself was clean and calm. Heather made a huge impact on my life and I cannot thank her enough. She explained everything in a way I could understand and all the tests done were thorough. She...

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Joana Wilson, on Google

Very Gorgeous atmosphere, the personal are friendly all most like a very happy family reunion and the decor has a very relaxing feeling. You have to see and feel the atmosphere to know what I am talking about.

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James O'Herron, on Google

Long time ago i had a hearing testing. I had a bad experience with the sounds that i had to stop. I was afraid to go for a hearing testing again. Since I was having problems hearing people i decided i needed to do the testing again. Since technology is...

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Maria Saavedra, on Google

My 93-year-old Dad is in the hospital and lost his hearing aid. He is completely deaf in one ear and can barely hear out of the other. It has been very aggravating and frustrating for all concerned especially since they are trying to have him understand treatments and physical therapy....

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Deb Sellers, on Google

Very efficient and helpful 👌 the staff is exceptional and highly knowledgeable

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Suzanne LaVopa, on Google

Dr. Glenn Martin is very thorough in explaining the procedures that he's performing, including the series of tests that was done for my hearing problem. Very friendly and easy to work with. The front office staff are also very helpful and cheerful. They make you very comfortable during the wait...

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Rey Magayon, on Google

So very friendly warm and helpful. Very caring and compassionate. They ROCK...!!!

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Gilbert Jackson, on Google

Jenny is amazing and personable, Dr. Emily Jensen is absolutely an amazing doctor, life saver and I'm absolutely incredibly appreciative of her. The office is welcoming. I absolutely love it.

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Maritza Soto, on Google

If you need help with your hearing, do your self a favor and call Hearing centers of Nevada. I have never been more comfortable with any other business. All the staff are very polite and professional. I would refer them to everyone. I wish all business would be this way....

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Ricky Ash, on Google